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Blue Prism Bootcamp

Our Blue Prism Foundation Bootcamp is targeted at the Developer accreditation exam.

Training during the first week comprises of mainly theoretical study covering each aspect of the product, interlaced with practical exercises.

During the second week of the Bootcamp, students are provided with documentation supporting the development of a mini project.

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Blue Prism Design

The course gives a Business Analyst with a non-Blue Prism background visibility of how the Blue Prism application works, how a Blue Prism process is developed and the limitations of the technology.

Once this foundation has been established we then progress onto the Project Lifecycle including all documentation, Process Identification and Candidate Analysis.

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UIPath Bootcamp

Takes trainees through a more in-depth look at complex variable manipulation, integration techniques and flow control demonstrating to trainees how to build robust scalable solutions in real life deployments.

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